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They say necessity is the mother of all inventions, and the story of Elan Vital has been no different. It started with the personal quest of our founder- Ms Saman Naqvi, to find good gluten-free alternatives for herself. Due to lack of awareness, the diagnosis comes much later when enough damage has been done to their bodies. To add more to the frustration, scarcely available gluten-free options would often mean relinquishment of pleasure and deprivation of optimum nutrition associated with food. And this reductive choice would come at obnoxious prices.

The pleasure of finding a gluten-free variant to our favourite cookie or other bakery items is short lived as one soon gets bored of their substandard taste and ends up feeling deprived.

Determined to find an alternative which wouldn’t mean denying ourselves of anything, be it good taste or optimum nutrition, and to bring it at affordable prices, she started her journey.

It necessarily involved good research on nutrition as unfortunately, people come to gluten-free diets after experiencing ill health and thus need to be extra careful in their food intake. After a series of experimentation, we finally bring to you cookies that would bring back the joy of eating and cut the negativity associated with gluten-free diets, all this while being easy on your pocket.


And we haven't stopped here, there is much more to come soon!

Elan Vital is the Gluten Free arm of RICHLITE ( biscuits, which has now become a household name across North India. In operation since 2013, it has a production capacity of 36000 metric-tonnes-per-annum of biscuits and an additional 1800 metric-tonnes-per-annum of Cookies. These are produced at the state-of-the-art production facilities of Richfield Industries in Neemrana Rajasthan. 

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