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When we put our love and care along with all the essential nutrients in our cookies, we call it Full bite. With minimal unrefined sugar and goodness of Ragi, Sorghum, Rice, Desiccated Coconut, Unsalted butter and coconut oil, it makes it suitable for even diabetic patients. Rarely we get a well rounded nutrition at such great taste.

Coconut is rich in fiber and antimicrobial compounds that help keep pathogenic organisms at bay. In addition, the fatty acids found in coconut provide energy to the cells that line the small intestine and help maintain good gut health.

Ragi is a good source of calcium, natural iron and vital amino acids like Methionine and Lysine. Being low in glycemic index it helps keep blood sugar in safe range.

Sorghum is rich in dietary fibre, important antioxidants, copper and iron which  aids red blood cell development and blood circulation, magnesium which aids calcium absorption and enzymes which inhibit the absorption of starch by the body thus helping regulate insulin and glucose levels in the body.

Full Bite

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